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Journal of the Society for Psychical Research (1922-2010)

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The Journal of the prestigious British SPR, founded in 1882, started publication in 1884.
Scientific-type magazine - with few illustrations and much text.

AFU has received a huge number of issues from researchers world-wide which we offer at low prices from our store. Many - but not all - issues (1929-2010) are available. For more recent years (1960s and so on) several copies are often available.

First issue you buy costs USD 3, the second to fifth costs USD 2 each and so on at a decreasing price per issue for larger orders. To not waste our time on presenting each issue we have a special routine for this magazine:

1) If you want to check out the contents of published JSPR issues this link has a nice research guide for subject and name searches
2) Send us a simple list of what you require to: afu.headq (at) gmail.com 
3) We'll return a statement of how many of these we can deliver.
4) You'll then pay for the number of issues you want (and we can deliver) at a decreasing price scale for the number of issues you order. See price list under "Select a variant"

Why not have "the real thing" in your book case - not just a digital copy...