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Archives for the Unexplained (AFU) was founded in 1973 and now has more than 2 kilometers of shelves. We previously worked under the name Archives for UFO Research, but with the same acronym.

We work to establish and preserve a world-wide heritage of archives and libraries related to paranormal phenomena & the unexplained.
  We currently house collections and archives from a large number of internationally well known researchers & authors like Hilary Evans, Luis Schönherr, Bob Rickard, W. Raymond Drake, Perry Petrakis, Cynthia Hind, Peter Rogerson and Willy Wegner.

We also keep correspondence and report files files from a number of national and international organizations like the Flying Saucer Review, Fortean Times, the Charles Fort Institute (CFI), the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA), Contact International, the Scandinavian UFO Information (Denmark), UFO-Sweden and the Centro de Estudios Interplanetarios (CEI) of Spain. For detail information please consult our web page: www.afu.info.

Sponsorships: You can support us by sending a one-time, monthly, quarterly or annual contribution towards our international preservation work. See the "Sponsorship" product in our shop. At that product you can then choose the amount you would like to support us with, maybe added to the books and/or magazines you are buying.


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