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Terms of service

Pictures that illustrate items are very seldom of the specific item you are buying. The pictures we use are intended to be a good representations of any fine copy of that particular edition. With time we may circulate hundreds of different copies and it would be a resource-consuming task for us to scan every particular copy we have for sale to create very individual product presentations.
Please note that we usually have illustrated an available book copy without a protective dust jacket with a picture scan of another copy where the dust jacket was retained.
For books the condition of a particular copy is classed under "Select a variant" (with different prices) roughly according to this scheme:
New - apparently never read, typically from batches of books received from authors and/or publishers.
Very Good - material with no/minor signs of wear, possibly only read once by a seemingly very careful user.
Good - Material with the expected wear & tear from 1-2 previous users and for the age of the material; typically the material can have minor defects like previous user's name, ex libris, ex-AFU library label (shifted out of our library to be replaced by a better incoming copy), some marking and/or underlining by pencil, minor bending of edges on softcovers, etc.
Acceptable - More worn on edges but still holding together, maybe with more extensive comments or other signs of use.
Reading copy - Yes, something for you to read if you are just interested in the text and do not particularly care about condition for keeping it on your shelf. Could be a very bad copy or a photo/xerox copy received from a donor that we would not want to dump without offering someone the chance to read it.
For magazines each issue - or combination of different issues (volumes, collections) - are listed under "Select a variant" with the prize for each single issue or for the combination you choose.
Many books lack the original protective dust jacket (we simply call it "jacket") and, in case the jacket is there, it may be very torn & worn by previous user(s). Book fronts we have scanned are usually from good-very good-new copies either on sale or just loaned from the AFU library for the purpose of creating a nice illustration.
Prices are set at "market value" or slightly below. We regularly check out sites like Abebooks, Amazon and eBay to keep pricing reasonable to help earn money for the AFU foundation and keep copies circulated at prices the customer would be willing to pay. We always price items in USD, and without the 99 cents!
For Swedish & European Union (EU) customers 6 % value-added taxes (VAT) are always included in our prices. If you need an invoice where VAT is specified please contact us.
6 % discount on all orders over 200 USD at time of checkout.To get the discount enter discount code MORETHAN200 at checkout.
Free shipping on all orders over 400 USD at time of checkout.To get that discount please enter MORETHAN400 as discount code on checkout.
Materials are sent within 1-2 weekdays by Swedish Post and they  no longer have low taxes for surface shipping - everything is sent at the same speed, full tracking outside Europe.

We always try to serve the customer to the best of our ability so please do not hesitate to e-mail us with your questions and points-of-view: afu.headq@gmail.com.