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AIAA (American Inst of Aeronautics and Astronautics): Thesis...antithesis...synthesis? A joint symposium sponsored by the LA county sections of the AIAA & the LA chapter of the World Futures Society

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1975, AIAA, Los Angeles
Booklet, 8½x11, 22x28 cm, 145 pages, ill.
Papers by A. Douglas Emerson (ed.), William F. Hassel, J. Allen Hynek, Robert M. Wood, Jacques Vallée, Stanton T. Friedman, James McCampbell, Alvin H. Lawson, Niels T. Sorensen, W. H. Kuhlman, Frederic Gorney, Richard Byrne, Dan J. Wedemyer, Gregory Benford, Stanley Moore, Bruce Murray, David A. Goodman, Michael A. G. Michaud and Robert B. Phinizy