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Bolide (Hilary Evans) (late 1980s)

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British researcher/author Hilary Evans was a keen student of all kinds of phenomena. In the late 1980s he published a series of reprints, from many different sources, of balls-of-lights (BOLs) and strangely behaving luminous sources with often odd effects. Hilary gathered and distrubuted copies of sources he and his friends/subscribers found in the literature with views. discussions, cases and even lists of cases.

Some would maybe be catagorized as ball lightnings by academic physisists, others simply igored because they "don't fit". One numbered contribution is essentially one article, a case, or a list of cases.

"Bolide" with numbered contributions from 0001 up to 0115, was divided into seven bindings. The series ended (as we know) with contribution 115 in the seventh binding.

We have one or two sets of this rare basic collection to offer. A4 document copies simply bound in sets with plastic spines.