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Spencer, John & Evans, Hilary: Phenomenon. From flying saucers to UFOs - forty years of facts and research

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Anthology published for the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) after 40 years of UFO reporting. Contributions by Sir Patrick Wall, Lionel Beer, Pierre Lagrange, Nigel Watson, Anders Liljegren, Clas Svahn, Kim Möller Hansen, Bronislaw Rzepecki, Paul Norman, Martin Shough, Andy Roberts, Peter Hough, Dennis Stacy, Budd Hopkins, Jenny Randles, John Rimmer, John A. Keel, Maurizio Verga, Gerald Mosbleck, John Shaw, Stephen Gamble, Michael Wootten, J. Danby, Willy Smith, Bertil Kuhlemann, Bill Chalker, Allen Tough, John Prytz, Kenneth W. Behrendt, Chris A. Rutkowski, David Clarke, Paul Devereux, Mark Moravec, James McCampbell, Cynthia Hind, Kevin McClure, Hilary Evans and John Spencer. 

1988, Futura, London
Paperback, 413 pages, ill., bibl., index

1988, Macdonald & Co, London
Hardcover, 413 pages, ill., bibl., index

1988, Leisue Circle, London
Hardcover, 413 pages, ill, bibl, index