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Evans, Hilary & Stacy, Dennis: The UFO mystery. The 50-year quest to solve the world's greatest enigma (Sc)

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Anthology to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the "first" UFO sighting. Contributions by: Jan Aldrich, Kenneth Arnold, Anders Liljegren, Karl Pflock, James Moseley, Marc Hallet, Jerome Clark, Bill Chalker, Michael Swords, Jacques Vallée, John Rimmer, Hector Quintanilla, Chris Rutkowski, Raymond E. Fowler, David Perkins, Eric Maillot, Jacques Scornaux, Richard F. Haines, Wim van Utrecht, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, Ion Hobana, Kim Möller Hansen, Cynthia Hind, Patrick Huyghe, Richard Hall, Vladimir Rubtsov, Robert Durant, Marcel Delaval, Jenny Randles and Hilary Evans.
1998, John Brown, London
Softcover, 400 pages, illustrated, bibliography, index