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Svahn, Clas: 700 böcker om ufo - en översikt 1908-2022 (Sc)

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2022, Archives for the unexplained, Sweden
Softcover, 226 pages, ill, index
ISBN 9789152733455

A new comprehensive bibliography of all Swedish books that mention UFOs!

Since the first book about flying saucers was published in Swedish in 1951, more than 700 books have covered the subject. In most cases only briefly, other times in the form of headstrongly written booklets or certain messages from space brothers that we are still waiting for to come to save us and our planet. But from time to time in the form of objective analyzes and exciting testimonies of a phenomenon that is still waiting for its solution. The UFO phenomenon is one of the great mysteries of our time and the Swedish book publishing reflects that and how we approach the enigmatic objects that over time have gone from flying saucers to UFOs and today also UAP.

Clas Svahn is chairman of Archives for the unexplained and international coordinator in UFO-Sweden - and a lover of books. Here he tells about the phenomenon that has captured him since childhood reflected through the Swedish book publishing.